Stanford & Corringham Sixth Form College


Progress through the Sixth Form is closely monitored. All students who are studying A Level subjects will be given a minimum target grade that they are expected to meet and ideally exceed. This grade is calculated from your GCSE results.

Progress towards these grades is then closely monitored by a regular review process. Subject teachers, the Head of Year and Assistant Directors are all involved in this process. You will have feedback from your subject teachers through the regular marking of work and assessments. This feedback will inform you clearly about the standard being achieved and the steps necessary to move to a higher standard.

If you are experiencing any problems with the organising of your studies then your Head of Year - Mr Wilson should be your first point of call. Do not hesitate to ask for an additional meeting with them for advice and support.

There is a schedule of regular reporting to parents and also parent/student consultation evenings. Teachers may phone home but will speak to you first and explain why a phone call home is deemed necessary. Teachers have a duty to inform parents of concerns so that under-performance does not go unnoticed or unchallenged. Students have a right to be treated as adults and therefore, in normal circumstances, a discussion with you as the student would take place first.