Hassenbrook Academy


Senior Leadership Team

  • Dr S Asong CEO
  • Ms J Williams Head Teacher
  • Mrs S Rollason Associate Head Teacher
  • Mr J Loten Deputy Head Teacher
  • Mrs S Tahiri Deputy Head Teacher
  • Mr C Flynn Assistant Head Teacher
  • Mr G Lewis Assistant Head Teacher
  • Mrs C Vamplew Finance & Academy Manager


Head of Year

  • Mrs C Boosey Head of Year 7
  • Mr M Dougherty  Acting Head of Year 8
  • Mrs A Carretta Head of Year 9
  • Mrs S Baxter/ Ms M Dougherty Head of Year 10
  • Mrs S Baxter/ Ms M Dougherty Head of Year 11


Department Leaders:

  • Mr S Greene Art & Design
  • Mr S Smith English
  • Mr R Ohene Mathematics
  • Mr S Nichol Science, Technology, Business Studies
  • Mr H Gower ICT
  • Mr G Pritchard Humanities
  • Mrs J Chappell Performing Arts
  • Mr R Grealish Physical Education

The Form Teachers and House Leaders are supported by the following administrative staff.

  • Mrs N Greenfield Attendance Manager
  • Miss S Carter Attendance Welfare Officer
  • Mrs G Mahoney Child Protection Officer
  • Miss L Saunders Pastoral Support Manager
  • Miss N Heald Pastoral Support Manager
  • Mrs M Major Pastoral Support Manager
  • Mrs T Tarling Pastoral Support Manager
  • Miss R Higgs Pastoral Support Assistant