Gable Hall School

Uniform & PE Kit

The wearing of School Uniform is required as an integral part of school discipline as it is considered that this promotes positive attitudes, good standards and a suitable image in the eyes of the local community. All pupils are encouraged to be proud of their appearance and of their uniform. No jewellery with the exception of a watch is allowed for Health & Safety reasons. Any pupil wearing jewellery will be asked to remove it. The school cannot accept responsibility for any loss should a child be asked to remove it.

School Uniform is detailed in the handbook issued to parents of new entrants in September, and must be worn to and from school as well as on the premises.

All items of School Uniform should be clearly labelled with name and form.

Most items of School Uniform are available in most of the major chain stores and can be purchased from anywhere. The School badge for the blazer and ties can be purchased directly from the school.

The uniform list is as follows:

black tie with silver diagonal stripes (Key Stage 3 - Year 7, 8 and 9) with school crest.
black tie with school crest (Key Stage 4 - Year 10 and 11).
black tie with school crest plus bar (Prefects in Year 11 and 11).
black tie with blue coloured stripe (sports colour) - Year 9, 10 and 11.

All ties must cover the top button and reach the waistband and have the school crest showing at all times.

plain white shirt or blouse suitable for use with a tie and that can be tucked in. Tennis type shirts or T-shirts with a pattern on them are regarded as unsuitable.

plain black 'V' necked pullover if needed - (no cardigans, sweat shirts, zipper tops, hooded, round necked or patterned pullovers).

plain black trousers or plain black straight skirt. Trousers must be full length with traditional pockets (no pockets on the side of the leg).

Physical Education Kit

Physical Education will play a vital role in your child's education throughout the first five years at Ortu Gable Hall School. Each child will receive four or five lessons of Physical Education a fortnight. In order that standards of appearance, presentation and safety are maintained pupils will be required to wear the PE kit as listed below. Gable Hall School provides kit through an external supplier. The kit is high quality and should last longer than budget items provided from other suppliers.

Blue Kit: Outdoor Games

  • Plain black shorts with Gable Hall logo
  • Royal blue games socks with Gable Hall stitching
  • White polo shirt with small Gable Hall School motif
  • Navy blue fleece with small Gable Hall School motif
  • Royal blue reversible rugby shirt with white stripe (essential for boys)
  • Suitable footwear – trainers or football boots (for outside use)
  • Optional Navy Blue Tracksuit top and trousers with small Gable Hall motif
  • Towel

White Kit: Indoor Games, Dance and Summer Activities

  • Plain black shorts with Gable Hall logo
  • Royal blue games socks with GHS stitching
  • White polo shirt with small Gable Hall School motif
  • Suitable footwear (white soled, non-marking, for indoor use)
  • Towel

Dance Kit:

Each pupil will receive one lesson of dance a fortnight at Key Stage 3.

  • White polo shirt with small GHS motif
  • Plain black shorts with Gable Hall logo
  • Bare feet - (Clean white trainers can be worn if there is a foot complaint – a note will be required).

All the items of Physical Education clothing can be obtained from Little Sproggs in Corringham and not from the school.