Gable Hall School

OFSTED Reports

Ortu Gable Hall School was rated 'Good' in the latest Ofsted Inspection in September 2014.

Key findings were:

* Students join the school in Year 7 with average standards and make good progress. By the time they leave the main school at the end of Year 11, their GCSE results are above average.

* Students do particularly well in GCSE English language, where they make outstanding progress, and in mathematics, statistics and drama. Performing arts is also a strength of the school.

* Students enjoy coming to school. They are punctual, and attendance is above average.

* Students behave well in and out of lessons. They take pride in their books and uniform and have positive attitudes to learning.

* Actions to ensure students are kept safe in and around the school are outstanding. Parents are positive that their children are happy and safe.        

* The headteacher has improved the school. GSCE results are better, especially in English, attendance has risen and exclusions have reduced. Staff are very clear about their responsibilities and what is expected of them.

* The school works effectively with the adjacent primary school. As a result, arrangements for transfer in Year 7 are exceptionally strong and students get off to a good start.

* The sixth form has expanded rapidly in partnership with two other local secondary schools. As a result students have a wider choice of studies.

* The systems for checking on the quality of teaching are well developed and effective. As a result, teaching is good and has improved, particularly in literacy and in the marking of students’ work.