Gable Hall School


Opening Times

The Library is open from 7.45 every day for quiet revision time until school begins at 8.45.  The Library is open every food break 1 and 2 and closes at 3.10.  Then Homework Club starts in the Library until 4.30 each week day except Friday when the library 
closes at 4.00pm.

We have a Stationery Shop within the Library where all essential equipment can be purchased including a see through pencil case with all essentials inside for just £1.00.  The Stationery Shop is open all day every day.


Refugee Week

The Library supported this week with quizzes, writing poetry, reading books relating to Refugees and  naming the famous  people who were refugees which was surprising to lots of students.




Interact Club

March each year we wait patiently for the short-listed books to be announced, usually 8 books are short-listed.  The day comes and 8 copies of each, which we have ordered in advance, arrive from our usual book shop.  Students have signed up weeks ago and are really excited about getting started on reading.  We have approximately 14 weeks to read these then we are off to the Thameside Theatre Grays for the day, to discuss the books with other Thurrock schools.

The students have a great day discussing the books and chatting to students from local schools and come away having made new