Gable Hall School

Information, Advice & Guidance

We are constantly challenging our pupils to raise their aspirations and 'aim high' and our links with our sixth form and our partner universities allow many of our pupils to experience further education and university first hand and realise that both are viable options. With pupils now required to stay in education or training until they are 18, it is now more important than ever that pupils know what choices are available to them, how to access the information they need and that they know what their options are post-16 so that they can progress further and be the best they can be.

Thurrock Careers

Thurrock Careers is an impartial and free information, advice and guidance service for everyone between the ages of 13 and 20. They can offer advice re careers, further education, higher education, also on volunteering, health, relationships, family, friends and money. If you would like to book an interview then see Mrs Woodbury in the careers room or your form tutor. Parents are welcome to attend the careers interview with their child and can do so by contacting Mrs Woodbury at the school.

Year 7:

During the course of year 7, all pupils are introduced to the Careers library so that they meet with the Careers teacher and know where to go for information, advice and guidance. The key message here is that it is not all about deciding on a job at an early age but pupils are encouraged to research information, broaden their horizons, have aspirations, become more aware of the many opportunities there are out there and always have a back-up plan!

Year 8:

During the spring term pupils prepare to make decisions by looking their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and their aspirations.

Fast track pupils choose two of their option choices in the spring term of year 8. Parents are invited to a parent's information evening regarding these choices.

Year 9:

The majority of pupils take their options in the spring term of year 9. Following an options assembly with pupils from years 10 and 11 who have already chosen their options and are familiar with the demands of the courses, parents are invited to an options evening to meet with staff and pupils to further investigate their son/daughter's potential choices. Options booklets and forms are sent home and perused with choices made by the end of term. Form tutors support through individualised interviews. Careers interviews are available for pupils who need further support. Follow up interviews with the Deputy Head Curriculum are made to ensure pupils are on appropriate courses. Introductory events and meetings take place in the summer term to ensure pupils are ready for the September start.

Year 10:

Pupils are surveyed to find out what there ideas and plans are for the future. This information is used to organise group work sessions covering different career areas and educational routes. Employers/parent ambassadors are brought in to share their expertise.

An activity day 'Preparing for Mock Interview' is organised in the summer term. Workshops are run on writing C.V's , letters, personal statements and a drama workshop on interview techniques. The workshops are run by local employers and Gable Hall staff.

Year 11:

Year 11 starts with a visit to Opportunity Thurrock - our borough wide careers fair, where pupils can access a wide range of further and higher education providers, training providers, and local employers all under one roof.

The highlight of year 11 for our pupils is Mock Interview Day! Having completed their Progress File, pupils are interviewed by an employer in the sector they hope to go in to. Those pupils who interview particularly well go through to a second round, the winner receiving a prize from the Rotary Club. Year 11 is busy with College/Sixth Form open days, taster days, interviews and getting Progress Files completed and up to date before year 11 leave us for the big wide world!