Gable Hall School


The Houses at Ortu Gable Hall School are named after people from the Performing Arts. There are four Houses and all pupils will belong to one. Bussell House is named after the dancer Darcey Bussell. Da Vinci House is named after the artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Wonder House is named after the musician Stevie Wonder. Hepburn House is named after the actress Audrey Hepburn. The House system aims to be a traditional means of promoting achievement through competition and participation. The allocated House will serve as a focal point for all pupil activity, and for the recognition of pupil achievement.

On entry, pupils are placed in a Year 7 form group for transition into Ortu Gable Hall School. They remain as a separate year group for the duration of Year 7 before being placed within a mixed Year group form, for Years 8 to 11. They usually remain in their same forms for registration and pastoral activities, throughout their education at Ortu Gable Hall. Each form consists of two members of staff who are responsible for every aspect of the pupils’ development, helping them to reach their full potential, commenting on progress, checking attendance, monitoring behaviour and liaising with parents.

Although Form Teachers are the first and most vital point of contact, they are supported by Pastoral Managers, Student Voice Co-ordinators, House Leader/KS Coordinators/Assistant Headteachers and ultimately a Deputy Head.


 House Named After   
 Bussell (Blue) Darcy Bussell (Dancer)  Head of House - Mr D McCabe
SVC -  Mr D Gillet
 Da Vinci (Green) Leonardo Da Vinci (Artist) Head of House - Ms K Davis
SVC -  
 Hepburn (Yellow) Audrey Hepburn (Actress) Head of House - Ms H Boyce
SVC -  Mrs J Ntiri
 Wonder (Red) Stevie Wonder (Singer)  Head of House - Mr De Cruz
SVC - Mrs A Moore