Gable Hall School

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Ortu Gable Hall School has been judged as outstanding in our last three Ofsted Inspections. Our high expectations and aspirations for pupils, drives the relentless commitment to continually raise the quality of teaching to support the delivery of an outstanding curriculum.

It is an on-going priority of the School to ensure that the curriculum throughout the school is accessible to all pupils in terms of breadth, challenge, engagement and motivation. Strategic curriculum development and creative planning, ensures that pupils are able to make links across subjects and are equipped with the skills and competencies to foster independence and ownership of their learning. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils achieve our stated aim of every child achieving their potential personally, academically and socially. The curriculum is responsive to the needs of all pupils, with accelerated routes and targeted support and interventions, depending on pupil's attainment and achievement. Pupil's progress is tracked and monitored every six weeks to ensure that they are on the correct trajectory to achieve or exceed their target grades

At Ortu Gable Hall School we consistently aim to ensure pupils attain standards of achievement that are the highest of which they are capable, by providing teaching of the highest possible standard. We believe that effective assessment is central to the teaching and learning process and a key element in achieving this goal.

Subjects Offered