Gable Hall School

Adverse Weather

Our intention is to remain open whatever the weather.   The school would only close if site conditions were dangerous, there are insufficient staff to ensure the health and safety of the students or conditions are anticipated to become too hazardous to travel. 

Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends school and that they wear appropriate clothing and shoes for inclement weather; they may have to do some walking through snow to get to school and /or return home.  Should your child not come to school, when the school is open, on return they should have a letter from their parent /carer, explaining the absence and given to their form tutor.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, closure information will be available on our website and through listening to Radio Essex, HEART FM.

In the event that the school closes early due to extreme weather conditions, it will remain open until all students have been safely collected.

The winter time is crucial for our GCSE and A level students as they prepare for exams and we will prioritise these classes in the first instance.

Please would parents always work on the principle that the school is open unless there is information to the contrary ie on the website.  Apologies in advance; sometimes it is impossible for reception to handle all the calls at the first fall of snow – we would appreciate your understanding in such circumstances.  The radio stations have advised that they can not respond to telephone calls from individual parents